Celebrating the best and brightest

The League of Analytic Superheroes is the culmination of a powerful partnership between SAS and Teradata, the leaders in business analytics and sas_teradataenterprise data warehousing. The partnership honors industry innovators by acknowledging their unique skills managing and analyzing data.

The honorees will be transformed into heroic personas usually reserved for the pages of comic books and graphic novels, their journeys from insurmountable business challenge to actionable business insight captured and processed into stories commensurate with their Superhero status. The selected recipients of this prestigious industry honor will be immortalized by comic book illustrator Ryan Benjamin, inviting the respect of their peers and the adulation of their loved ones.

But before there was a League, before there were heroes to shine a light on meaningful data, there was only…darkness…

Chaos reigns in a world of darkness…

Redundant processes vaporize efficiency. Mountains of dirty data blot out the sun. Memories of a once utopian metropolis fade, as the forces of information chaos prevail, and logic slides toward the brink of oblivion. Until one day…

An elegant union of software and hardware begins to organically synthesize new capabilities of speed, strength and agility necessary to conquer confusion with clarity. The forces of evil multiply with each passing hour, as Dr. Insight, the prescient human embodiment of the union of analytics and enterprise data warehousing, reflects on the possible solutions to what may soon be a global epidemic.

A call to arms

As the tale of Dr. Insight’s research spreads, leaders in business analytics and enterprise data warehousing begin assembling a counter-attack against a growing legion of super villains intent on maintaining a world of chaos. Battles ensue, and the sheer volume of their villainy renders mute the chorus of the world’s fiercest analytical minds. From a secluded vantage point, high above the city, Dr. Insight is struck with visions of a future illuminated by data. The path to salvation becomes at once self-evident and the siren is sounded – a call to action for the best and brightest to join the League of Analytic Superheroes.

The League of Analytic Superheroes

One by one heroes emerge from the darkness, snatching value from the clutches of ambiguity, exposing fraud in a sea of transactional chaos, and innovating in the face statistical impossibility. As each new Superhero joins the League, everyday data warriors are infused with the virtues of business analytics and enterprise data warehousing. Once enshrouded in darkness and overcome by chaos, a world not unlike our own is slowly returning to a state of order and predictability. Will the League of Analytic Superheroes grow fast enough to finally put an end to a global data epidemic? It’s up to you to decide.